Lx Series

For light to heavy commercial applications, the Lx is the ideal option, with its easy to clean, high power stainless steel heat exchanger. The Lx Series boilers are designed for floor standing installation and can be also mounted wall-hung up to 399 MBH. Its easy to access electronic board and well accessible components make it easy service and regular maintenance. Cascade management and other outstanding programming features can be easily controlled by the intuitive touch screen display.

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Main Features

Touch screen intuitive display

Easy cleaning stainless steel heat exchanger

Wall hung kit included for Lx200-400

High power sizes up to 800 MPH

Easy access to the display and internal components

Advanced cascade settings

Vents in PVC, CPVC or Poly Propylene


Input Power25 - 199 MBH55 - 275 MBH75 - 399 MBH100 - 500 MBH120 - 600 MBH160 - 800 MBH
Heating capacity181 MBH251 MBH375 MBH470 MBH564 MBH752 MBH
Net AHRI Rating157 MBH218 MBH326 MBH409 MBH490 MBH654 MBH
Installation typeIndoor Floor Standing (Wall Hung kit included)Indoor Floor Standing (Wall Hung kit included)Indoor Floor Standing (Wall Hung kit included)Indoor Floor StandingIndoor Floor StandingIndoor Floor Standing
Weight125 lb180 lb225 lb320 lb380 lb475 lb
Gas connection1⁄2 in NPT female1⁄2 in NPT female3⁄4 in NPT female3⁄4 in NPT male1 in NPT male1 in NPT male
Water connections1 in NPT female1 1⁄4 in NPT female1 1⁄4 in NPT female2 in NPT female2 in NPT female2 in NPT female
Air Inlet3 in (max 105 ft)4 in (max 100 ft)4 in (max 100 ft)4 in (max 100 ft)4 in (max 100 ft)6 in (max 100 ft)
Flue3 in (max 105 ft)4 in (max 100 ft)4 in (max 100 ft)4 in (max 100 ft)4 in (max 100 ft)6 in (max 100 ft)

Manuals & Guides

Lx Series Brochure EN


Lx Series Installation and Operation Manual


Lx Series Submittal


Lx-WH Series Submittal


TFT, Lx, Lx-WH and FTG Series Sola Display Operating Guide


TFT, Lx and FTG Series Protonode Startup Guide


Tx Lx and Lx-WH Series Heat Exchanger Cleaning Instructions


Lx and Lx-WH Series Specification


Lx and Lx-WH 150-400 Quick Start Guide





Years 1 through 5, 100% coverage

Components Covered

All parts (including Pressure Vessel)



Years 6 through 10, 100% coverage
Year 11 and beyond, 20% coverage

Components Covered

Pressure Vessel only (also applies to the VM110P Indirect Fired Water Heater Tank)

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