The GF150 is a merging of our TRX combi boiler with a high efficiency air handler to provide forced-air heating, domestic hot water and hydronic capabilities. Thus, offering an All-in-One solution for the future of hot water, heating and comfort for your home.

Main Features

Saves Floor Space - Occupies 1/2 the space of a conventional system

High Efficiency - 95% AFUE

Built-in Expansion Tank (sufficient for installs without hydronic loops)

Built-in Manual Fill Valve

Dual left/right side reversible DHW and gas connections for optimal installation flexibility


Model GF150
Energy Efficiency (AFUE)95%
Forced Air Heating Capacity 13,200 - 80,000 BTU/h
Space Heating Capacity (Hydronic + Forced Air) 13,200 - 120,000 BTU/h
DHW Capacity 13,200 - 150,000 BTU/h
Cooling Capacity Up to 3 tons
Max DHW Flow (77F Rise)3.6 GPM
Heating Flow Rate (Forced Air)300 - 1200 CFM
Cooling Flow Rate (Forced Air)360 - 1200 CFM
DHW Inlet/Outlet3/4" NPT-M
CH Supply/Return 3/4" NPT-M
Gas Connection3/4" NPT-M
Venting Intake 2" (0-100ft), 3" (0-150ft)
Venting Exhaust 2" (6-100ft), 3" (6-150ft)
Gas Pressure NG (3.5-10.5" W.C.)
LP (8-13" W.C.)

Manuals & Guides

GF150 Brochure


GF150 Submittal


GF150 Installation and Operation Manual


GF150 Parts List


Important Warranty Information


Water Quality Best Practices