TRX Remote Connectivity

Steps to be an “NTI Remote Contractor” allowing a professional contractor, to connect and remotely access their TRX boilers:

  1. Complete the NTI remote contractor contract and submit as directed. This is for contractors only and not for homeowners, wholesalers, or other industry people.
  2. Once the contract is reviewed and approved by NTI, you will receive a notification from NTI with temporary password and username. (Check Junk Email if not in Inbox)
  3. Once you have your username and password you will click “login to connect my boiler” which takes you to URL to view your connected boilers.
  4. Once logged into the platform, you will need to register your TRX boiler installations; to do so you will need each boiler’s Wi-Fi serial number and corresponding Owner’s information (email address is required).  See the TRX Connectivity Guide for more details.