N-Link Zone Control

The N-Link (3-Zone Control Module) is designed to connect to TFTN series boilers, enabling the control of up to (3) additional heating zones. Together with the boiler’s integrated zone controls, this allows for a combined total of up to (6) distinct heating zones. The N-Link’s unique communication with NTI boilers allows it to take full advantage of the connected boiler’s HMI, including full control of each heating zone’s individual parameters. Unlike other, more rudimentary zone controllers, the N-Link maintains awareness of each heating zone’s specific requirements during heating demands and can therefore serve multiple, different heating zones within a household or commercial application more effectively.

Main Features

Control of up to (3) additional heating zones with the TFTN Boiler

Connect dry contact OR 24V Thermostats

Connect up to 3 pumps

Manuals & Guides

N-Link Zone Control 3260184