The NTI US sales organization continue to grow

The NTI US sales organization has seen a significant enhancement in the last few months as part of a strategic effort to deepen our roots in the hydronic segment, providing more capillarity and improved customer care to our customer base.

The appointment of David Walsh as VP of US Sales in April 2018 was a first step in this direction adding a tremendous amount of energy and knowledge to the NTI sales team. David has a very extensive background in the heating and boiler business and he served in many senior roles prior to joining the NTI family.

In the West, Shane Frandsen took over the region at the beginning of the year adding another important element to the NTI strategy. Under his leadership, the region is growing the reach of NTI partnerships, including the appointment of Osborne Company in April 2018, one of the most reputed rep agencies in Northern California.

In the East, Jason Mangos joined the NTI family in July, to provide additional training and field support capabilities to the existing team. Jason is an experienced trainer and boiler specialist, he is the Education co-chair of OESP and a NATE certified trainer. His addition to the team will improve our ability to promptly assist our customers on every aspects, from specification to installation and maintenance.

Lastly, in September Wales Darby was appointed the NTI rep agency for Northern NJ, NYC and LIC, significantly helping NTI get more feet on the ground and adding an organization of more than 80 employees promoting the NTI brand.

“We have been growing very fast in the last few years and it was time to consolidate and grow our sales organization in quantity and quality.” says Kevin Dennison, President and CEO of NTI “We want to continue to build on our existing extraordinary team, providing additional resourced to be even closer to our customers.”


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