Products you love, from people who care

“A lot of people ask me about boilers and which boilers I trust and that would put into my house. I think it is super important to actually believe in what you sell and actually use what you sell so that you can give your clients the best products on the market.

I have used NTI Boilers since 2016 in my work as my go to boiler. In 2016 I came across a few NTI’s and so started to look into what they were. The first thing that stood out to me is that they were a Canadian Company! This intrigued me. So I started to look into the boiler and thought what the heck let’s give it a try. We put it in and absolutely fell in love with the product. So much so that when my local wholesale company lost the rights to NTI I bought all their boilers they had in stock.

After I had about 20 or so boilers installed we started to notice some electrical issues with boards. I bring this up as this shows true character of their company. With these issues we had on the boilers is when I met my Regional Sales Rep for NTI Travis Loewen. Travis could have just brushed off these issues like a lot of big companies do and say oh it is installer error but instead he made sure he went out of his way to ensure we were taken care of and we were able to rectify the issues we were faced with. Travis made our small and relatively insignificant company feel like we mattered and I soon found out that the NTI company as a whole felt the same way about us! Our business relationship we had grew into a friendship and a relationship where we would do anything for the other person.

One of the biggest things that mean the most to me is that NTI cares about my community! They sponsor and support me in a local charity fundraiser that we hold each year for our local youth group. The people of the community are often left in awe at how NTI supports our community. With their dedication not only to me but to the community I live in proves to me that they are a company I love to be a part of and am proud to support and sell! The NTI company has made me feel welcome whenever I see them.

Now let’s get back to the product! Since 2016 it is amazing to see how NTI Boilers have changed. Their technology is second to none and they are always on the cutting edge of great new things. I love how driven they are to provide the best products out there and that they back their products 100%. It is easy for me to back their products and sell it as they have always got my back. One of the biggest new developments I love is the remote accessibility. I am able to monitor my clients from afar and able to give them the best service I can with this technology!

In short people ask me, Rylan, what is the best boiler on the market and if you were to buy one what would it be? The answer is simple and easy, I sell them exactly what I have in my own personal home and that is an NTI Boiler! I love the product and the people behind the company! It truly is like a family when you join their team and I truly am proud to be a part of it!

Thanks for all you guys continue to do for me and my community and for making our homes more efficient at the same time!”

-From Rylan Schaffer of Schaffer Plumbing & Heating Ltd. out of Cardston Alberta