FTV Combi

The FTV is a high-efficiency, wall-hung boiler equipped with a vertical fire tube heat exchanger made of industry proven 439 stainless steel. NTI’s user-friendly programmable display and easy to access components makes it easy to install, set up and maintain, while its unique design enables simpler plumbing layouts to keep costs well under control.

Main Features

Fire tube stainless steel heat exchanger

Universal vent connections with embedded test port

Quick connect components

Vents in PVC, CPVC or Poly Propylene


Input Power
Heating and DHW (Natural Gas / Propane)
11 - 110 MBH15 - 150 MBH19 -190 MBH
Heating capacity101 MBH138 MBH176 MBH
Net AHRI Rating88 MBH120 MBH153 MBH
DHW Flow Rating2.7 GPM3.6 GPM4.5 GPM
Installation typeIndoor Wall Hung (rack available for floor standing installation)
Weight88 lb98 lb120 lb
Gas connection1⁄2 in NPT female
Water connections1 in female (sweat joint)
DHW connections3⁄4 in NPT male
Air Inlet2 in (max 100 ft), 3 in (max 150 ft)2 in (max 100 ft), 3 in (max 150 ft)3 in (max 150 ft)
Flue2 in (max 100 ft), 3 in (max 150 ft)2 in (max 100 ft), 3 in (max 150 ft)3 in (max 150 ft)

Manuals & Guides

FTV Series Combi Submittal


FTV Series Installation and Operation Manual


FTV, Vmax and FTG Heat Exchanger Cleaning Instructions





Residential: 5 years from installation date
Commercial: 2 years from installation date

Components Covered

All parts (including Pressure Vessel)



Residential: Limited Lifetime
Commercial: 10 years from installation date

Components Covered

Pressure Vessel only

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